registration number: fb20-W3 for Molecular Cell Biology-2022


Entry date:
winter term 2023/2024


Application deadline:


W3 HBesG




Volume of employment:

The Philipps University, founded in 1527, offers multiple award-winning teaching for around 22,000 students and tackles the important issues of our time with excellent research across a broad spectrum of science.

The Faculty of Medicine invites applications for a

Full professorship (W3) for Molecular Cell Biology

to be filled for winter term 2023/2024.


The professorship represents the subject of molecular cell biology in research and teaching in all courses of the Faculty of Medicine and will be head of the department of the Institute for Molecular Cell Biology at the interdisciplinary Center for Synthetic Microbiology (SYNMIKRO). In addition to the advertised W3 professorship, a cell-biologically oriented W2 professorship is part of the Institute.
The professorship is expected to play a central role in the main research areas of the Faculty of Medicine (infection/inflammation/immunity, tumor biology, neurosciences). The scientific focus of the professorship should be set on at least one of the following subject areas: intracellular transport/trafficking/endosomal sorting, cytoskeleton/mechanobiology, RNA biology and/or cellular metabolism. The research interest of the professorship should be disease-related and use suitable biological models including mammalian systems. The research activities should relate and interact with the research interests of research groups of SYNMIKRO and the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology and connect and support state of the art scientific methods in systems biology, synthetic biology and/or fluorescence or cryo-electron microscopy.


We are looking for an internationally recognized research personality with an excellent publication record in the field of molecular cell biology. The appointed candidate is expected to actively contribute to existing collaborative research projects (SFB1021, SFB/TRR84, KFO325, KFO309, GRK2573, DZIF, DZL, LOEWE "DRUID", LOEWE "Diffusible Signals") and to play a leading role in setting up new research alliances. Experience in the successful acquisition of third-party funds is required.
The Universities of Gießen and Marburg have founded a research alliance with the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen called, Forschungscampus Mittelhessen, a framework in which the two faculties of medicine practice structured cooperation in research and education. Applicants are expected to cooperate and work on joint projects across universities and departments.
The employment requirements of §§ 67 and 68 HessHG apply. Prerequisites for employment are a completed university degree, pedagogical aptitude, doctorate and additional academic achievements, which can be proven by a habilitation or equivalent achievements or as part of a junior professorship.
The University of Marburg attaches great importance to the intensive supervision of students and doctoral candidates and expects its lecturers to have a strong presence at the university, a high level of commitment in the field of academic teaching and intensive participation in the planned further development of medical education.

We support women and strongly encourage them to apply. In areas where women are underrepresented, female applicants will be preferred in case of equal qualifications. As a certified family-friendly university, we support our employees in balancing family and career. Applicants with a disability as discribed in SGB IX (§ 2 Abs. 2, 3) will be preferred in case of equal qualifications.

Please apply via the button below by December 31, 2022, enclosing the application form provided on the Internet (

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